Rowena Ardern

Specialises in textiles and embroidery for interiors by combining techniques in dye, print and stitch and drawings of flora and fauna inspired by Cornwall and London. Framed pieces, canvases, cushions, tea cloths, lavender sachets, cards and notebooks.
w: rowenaardern.come: 

Ruty Benjamini

Delicate sculptural Ceramic Art, enhancing clay features and celebrating contrasts between inside and outside, muted and bright colours, matt and shiny surfaces, clean and torn edges. One Off and family groups of vessels, figurines and wall pieces.
w: rutybenjamini.come:

Helen Butler

Minimal, abstract paintings on canvas and paper, inspired by atmospheric colour, light and beauty found in the fleeting and ethereal. Paintings are created by overlaying very thin layers of translucent oil paint, applying and scraping back paint.

Geraldine Cooper

Explores the traditional sculptural processes of sculpting and casting. Specific objects and situations are re-created from memory in clay and then cast, allowing and celebrating their re-contextualistation and the way in which they change and morph as objects.

Jane Cox

Decorative and functional ceramics including vases, jugs, dishes and large chargers in vibrant colours. Silk screen prints and collages inspired by nature.
w: janecoxceramics.come: 

Ruth de Monchaux

Ruth's work ranges from close studies of plant forms to the exploration of  distant landscapes. Her London garden is a source of inspiration as are visits to the North Yorkshire countryside.Drawing, etching and screen-printing are her main working methods.

Arnold Dobbs

Abstract paintings featuring simple geometric shapes and grids in strong colour. Influenced by Arnold's stay in New York and Suffolk, the paintings have no preconceived notion of reality but just like music they don’t have to be understood to be enjoyed for their uplifting and uninhibited quality.
w: arnolddobbs.come:

Daniela Fox

A combination of styles first using close-up pictures of leaves and petals, then linocuts of serene, sometimes snooty animas and last a variety of screen printed patterns. Employs printmaking, photography and design techniques.
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Sheila Fratini

Large, colourful paintings on canvas. Uses acrylics, permanent markers and digital experimentation.
w: sheilafratini.come:

Ben Gold

Window Breaks, Festival Nights & Night Blossom are all projects which will be on show all linked by an underlying theme of Positive light filled observations of life in photographic form.

Gillian Golding

Combines an eclectic mix of imagery which draws inspiration from a long history of graphic art, posters, postcards and humorous prints. Gillian’s work is primarily print based, etchings, linocuts, screenprints and digital collage.

Gill Hickman

Textural mixed media pieces Inspired by daily meditation. Embossed textures using fine papers embellished with 24K gold leaf for calming and uplifting art.
w: gillhickman.come:

Michael Hixon

Based on ‘Technological Determinism’ known as the social fear of technology that has led to substituting human emotions within the English language via social media and networking. Explores technological influences to create a visual propaganda in response to a hypothetically progressive society.
w: michaelhixon.carbonmade.come:

Kaori Homma

Invisible Ink made with lemon juice to render the image, slightly altering the delicate balance of paper. Once exposed to fire, images are burnt into the paper. The resulting image contains a level of fragility and notion of death within it by nature. Technique called “Aburidashi” in Japanese.

Eryka Isaak

Inspired by the trail left by the death of an electron, or the pitted surface of the inside of a copper tank, the artist explores the diverse relationship glass has with metal, and the relationships between glass, metal, process and scale.
w: erykaisaak.come:

Juliet Johnson

Glass, a see-through and reflective material, with endless possibilities, is engraved by hand with an electric drill. Mirrors, clear tumblers, coloured glass, windows and doors, all lend themselves to ideas, often inspired by drawing plants, buildings or abstract textures.

Jiyun Lapthorn

Fronte designs are thoughtful, well-designed, and long-lasting garments both functionally as well as aesthetically. Radically simple with transformable designs, those innovative cuts give many choices of wearing them. Challenges the disposable view of clothing.

Richard Lawrence

A variety of sculptures, many carved in stone and wood, some based on the forms of ships, others in the form of spheres based on planets.  All exhibited in a large garden.

Jack Lloyd

Portraits and scenes inspired by songs and books, that pushes emotions until the forms of faces seem to diverge from their shape and become a mark on the canvas that by its shape and colour.

Sue Lowday

Sources natural vegetable tanned hides of the highest quality either from a tannery in Italy or from one of the oldest traditional tanneries still working in Britain. A wide range of bags, purses, satchels and belts in a variety of colours.

Anne Lynch

Landscapes and figurative subjects, painted in watercolour, collage and printed. Story telling, myths and dreams to introduce Anne's idiosyncrasies within her work. References to travels of Egypt, Thailand and recently Sicily.
w: annelynch.come:

Ouma Mauree

Paintings inspired by nature, aesthetics, colours and the French impressionists of the nineteenth century. Ouma composes images from both observation and photography, using colours to build a sense of depth and contrast.

Mary McGeown

Textiles and quilting as media to explore and enjoy of colour and shapes. Like the Gees Bend quilters Mary finds inspiration in the environment, and loves the fact that quilts combine creativity and function and allow so much individuality of expression.

Rachel Mooney

Expressive landscapes and created a series of allotment prints using dry point on perspex with unique monotypes.Brings back the detail and information of the every day, old, and often neglected shop fronts, and their over-looked details and beauty.

Glenn Mottershead

Creates rich and often deep journeys into his cityscapes. These prints are not just for placing on a wall, they are for taking down and holding as a map, working out your imaginary journey of the built-up and sprawl, looking hard at the detail and letting the current on the canvas take you elsewhere.
w: colloquialcollective.come:

Helen Pearce

Inspired by satellite images and the patterns of human development such as the agricultural landscapes of Kansas and deforestation in the Amazon. Uses mixed media, print, photography and sculpture with texture, layering and repetition. Uses minerals, metals and organic matter to represent the materials we extract from the landscape.
w: helen-pearce.come:

Carla Pengilly

A marine artist, Carla makes dry point etchings onto lead whilst snorkeling and scuba diving on the South Coast of England. Prints are made using an old Victorian mangle and the hand painted in watercolour. New body of works based on fish and wildlife in the Thames.
w: carlasart.wix.con/carlasarte:

Milda Rakauskaite

Oil paintings, prints, cards.

Jeff Soan

Articulating wooden creatures.
Jeff Soan is best known for his articulating wooden creatures which he has been creating since 1987. The technique produces remarkably sinuous and lifelike movement. Have a look at videos to see some of the creatures in action.

Mimi Soan

Drawings and paintings often of girl character with animal companion. Sleeping lavender cats, Siamese cats, Bi-Polar Bears. Uses shrunken jumpers and other woollen articles in mixed media and collage, Mimi gives life to a humorous collection of soft characterful creatures.
w: mimisoan.come:

Ann Taylor

Inspired by nature, especially landscapes & seascapes. Ann goes on location sketching and taking photographs, and then develop these ideas back in the studio. Uses a variety of media & techniques, building up layers to create abstract & semi-abstract paintings.

Reuben Thurnhill

Paintings of people and places.
w: reubenthurnhill.come:

Corinne Tournay

Pastels large and small. Landscapes and seascapes. Theological pictures too. In the visible, mainly about capturing light and water. In the spiritual, mainly about visualising the connecting point where the visible and the invisible meet.

Melanie Towers

Fine Art pieces inspired by children’s book illustrations using media such as print, photography, pencil, ink, watercolour, acrylic, photography, oil pastels and coloured pencils Images are abstract or figurative, exploring the space between reality. Current project on photographs of dreamlike, landscape quality and open to personal interpretation.

Juliana Westcott

Handmade prints and watercolours of animals. Collages, photographs, notebooks, sculpture, architectural models, clothes, toys.
w: faceboook/broccoliadventurese:

Charles Wimmer

Colour, texture, line, shape and space are the playthings Charles uses in creating a personal visual world. Drawings become road maps of his expressive feelings as he travels along life's roadway. His creative journey is often like secular travel: there are storms, freezing winds, followed by wonderfully calm and sunny days.

Xiomara Wimmer

Inspired by travels abroad and time surfing the California coast. Strives for balance by balancing bright vivid colours with ugly colours. Uses various lines, drip affects, impasto texture and alternative perspectives on her work. Most of Xiomara’s work is abstract.

Patricia Zontelli

Patricia is interested in found object assemblage and sculpture. Titles are important in her works which are based on play on words. Materials include broken violin parts, computer boards, doll’s heads, mannikin hands, plastic toys.
w: www.patriciazontelli.come: